Laucke Utility Cake Mix can be used for Fairy Cakes, Lamington/Jelly Cakes, Apple Cakes, Slab Cakes and Fruit Cake.


  • 500gms Laucke Utility Cake Mix
  • 200mls Warm Water
  • 100gms Egg (2 small eggs)


Place all ingredients in a mixing bowl (Liquids first).

Mix on low speed for 1 minute.

Scrape down.

Mix on high for 5 minutes, then medium for 1 minute.

The baking temperature will vary from 180°C. for larger blocks or slabs to 200°C . for smaller cup cakes or round tins. (Slightly less for fan forced ovens)


  • When depositing into tins you can get an excellent release and altered external appearance by dusting the greased tins with flour and shaking out the excess.
  • Where dipping is required (such as lamingtons) freezing the cakes after cutting and prior to dipping will make the job much easier and reduce crumbling.